ACETECH AC6000 Bullet Velocity Meter (Black)

  • item sku ACT-AC6000
  • AC6000 speedometer is a product characterized by high quality and high accuracy.
  • The display that displays data is equipped with 128 x 128 pixel OLED technology.
  • Power supply via Micro USB is possible (charging not possible)
  • SCR1: allows for simple settings for AMMO shooting.
  • SCR2: Displays the last 25 data (rate of fire and initial velocity).
  • Equipped with APO automatic power off function (in case of long period of inactivity and low power consumption).
  • It is equipped with a 36mm large caliber and is compatible with commercially available BB bullet standards.
  • With screw hole for camera tripod
  • Weight (grams): 290g (without battery)
  • Material: Polymer
  • Manufacturer: ACETECH

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