WE KATANA M130/130MS cylinder set for electric gun M4 (gray)

  • item sku WE-AEG-P0003
  • WE genuine product. Cylinder set for KATANA AEG M4 (gray) M130

    WE's new electric gun. This is a completed cylinder unit compatible with the KATANA series.
    It is a unit type that allows you to easily adjust the initial speed according to the barrel length and regulations.
    It can be easily replaced by just taking it down.
    Compatible products: WE KATANA AEG M4 series

    The configuration is as follows.
    ・Cylinder head/loading nozzle
    ・Cylinder body
    ・Cylinder end cap/spring guide
    ・Piston/Piston head
    ・Main spring

  • Weight (grams): 200g / 250g including packaging materials
  • Material: Metal
  • Manufacturer: WE-Tech

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