Classic Army PTS x Classic Army MK16 AEG (Dark Brown)

  • Geissele MK16 13.5 MLok Rail M4/M16
  • quick release bearing spring guide
  • Full Metal Advanced 9mm Bearing Bushing Custom Version 2 Gearbox
  • High quality steel gear, gearbox shell, polycarbonate piston, high torque motor
  • Comes with upgraded 6.03mm inner diameter tight bore barrel
  • Movable cocking lever and bolt cover for hop-up adjustment
  • Super modular rail M-LOK
  • Comes with PTS magazine
  • Bullet kinetic energy: less than 0.98J.
  • metallic
  • Weight: approx. 4000g
  • Manufacturer: Classic Army
  • Product number: CA126M-DB

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