[G&G] PCC45 electric gun (black)


The PCC45 is an electric gun with a G&G original design, but it is reminiscent of the H&K UMP45 due to its stock, lower receiver shape, and use of polymer materials. It looks more like an SMG (submachine gun) than a PCC.

However, the upper is quite unique, with a unified design that aligns the top and bottom width and cross-sectional shape with the upper receiver, giving it the feel of a modern PDW like SIG MCX.

The electric gun series that uses G&G's pistol magazine is extremely popular as a model for indoor use, women, and beginners due to its lightweight, compact size and ease of handling.The new PCC45 is also quite lightweight due to its reinforced polymer receiver. You can expect it.

・Reinforced polymer receiver
・CNC molded hard anodized QD M-LOK rail
・Folding stock
・Ambi selector & bolt catch
・M-LOK compatible front sling swivel mount
・Rear sling swivel
・110 magazines

[Internal parts]
・Equipped with the latest Gen.4 MOSFET
・Quick change spring ・Gearbox
・G2 8mm ball bearing
・Rotary hop-up chamber
・6.04mm tight inner barrel

[Specifications of G&G PCC45]
・Total length: Approximately 740mm
・Fire mode: Burst/Semi-auto/Full auto
・Number of magazine bullets: Approximately 105 rounds
・Equipped with variable hop-up system
・Battery plug: Small Tamiya plug *Battery not included.
・Product number: EGC-PCC-045-BNB-NCM
・BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm, bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less.

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