GHK URGI MK16 10.3 inch gas blowback GBBR

  • This is a gas blowback rifle that combines the Colt M4A1 with the GEISSELE SMR MK16 type handguard and reproduces the latest special forces CQBR carbine rumored to be MK18 Block 3 or Mod 2.
  • The receiver is supervised by CYBERGUN and has real details with real engraving and official license from Colt. In addition to using GEISSELE SMR MK16 type 9.3 inch for the hand guard, the charging handle is also GEISSELE AIRBORNE type, and is equipped with the latest URG-I upper of the US military. In recent years, it has achieved a style that has attracted attention as a new upper that replaces SOPMOD and MK18Mod1.
  • Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
  • Power source: HFC134a
  • Firing mode: Semi-auto/full auto
  • Equipped with variable hop-up system
  • Blowback: Yes
  • BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm, bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less.
  • Product number: GHK-GBB-URGI103
  • Material: ABS & Metal
  • Manufacturer: GHK

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