KRYTAC KRISS Vector Electric Gun AEG SMG (Black/Flat Dark Earth)

  • In order to achieve a unique style, a new original shape mechanical box is equipped with FET and burst circuit. When the safety lever is placed in the safety position, the anti-reverse latch is released. The front and rear ends are standard equipped with MK5 modular rail handguards and Defiance DS150 telescopic stock, and the specifications have been upgraded to meet the requirements submitted to a certain country's recruitment competition. The mechanical box is equipped with an electronic trigger equipped with a MOSFET as standard, and the selector can reliably switch between 3 modes: semi-auto, 2-point burst, and full auto, just like a real gun.
  • Body size: Total length 665mm (445mm when stock is folded)/Height 180mm
  • Power source: electric
  • Battery connection connector: Small Tamiya (TAMIYA) connector
  • Magazine capacity: 95 rounds
  • Shooting mode: Semi-auto / 2-point burst / Full auto
  • Hop up: rotary variable hop chamber
  • BB bullet diameter/caliber: 6mm, bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less.
  • Weight (grams): 1748g
  • Product number: KTAEG-VSMGF-2T02
  • Material: Reinforced resin
  • Manufacturer: KRYTAC

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