RGW SAG Type MK3 Chassis System Marui GBB AK Black

Firearm accessories manufacturer Sureshot Armament Group
This is a product that reproduces the MK3 Chassis System.

The MK3 Chassis System is a modernized retrofit system for the AK platform.
For the AK family rifle, which has a long history and has become difficult to install modern optical equipment and accessories,
With modular chassis kit,
Free-floating the barrel, ensuring barrel heat dissipation, and making it easy to install optical equipment, flashlights, and grips using the 20mm (Picatinny standard) rail and M-LOK slot.
It is a modernization modification kit that can give AK the basic elements of modern assault rifles.

This product is a chassis kit compatible with Tokyo Marui GBB AKM.
The upper is equipped with a 20mm (Picatinny standard) top rail that allows you to use the rear sight block of the AK body as is.
A hand guard with 5 slots of M-LOK interface is included in the set.

The main material is made from CNC machined aluminum alloy.
A steel gas tube is included.
The surface treatment is hard anodized with a slightly matte texture.
It has a realistic finish.

Main materials: aluminum alloy, iron, etc.

Compatible with: Tokyo Marui GBB AKM

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